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right i finally remembered to do this, please excuse how bad these pictures are they do my tattoos no justice BUT

1) Brand New thigh tattoo done by Elliot Josef Guy

2) Butterfly inside calf done by Antony Flemming

3) Friday 13th moon rib tattoo by Harriet Heath

4) La Dispute shoulder tattoos by Elliot Josef Guy

5) Snake & Rose tattoo outside calf tattoo by Chris Newport

6) Magpies on back of thighs tattoos by Elliot Josef Guy

7) Wishbone sternum tattoo by Elliot Josef Guy

might as well take the time now to be a dickhead. these tattooists are all phenomenal at what they do and if you are looking for something along the lines of traditional/neo-traditional i would highly recommend any of them. and while im aware that im very lucky to be in close travelling distance to all these wonderful artists, you should be willing to travel and pay well for a tattoo – good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good. And if anyone ever wants advice or recommendations with regards to tattoos PLEASE feel free to ask me on here cos while im no expert on the matter whatsoever, i happen to be friends with a lot of people who are and it drives me mental everytime i see someone getting a shitty tattoo when i know someone who could do it 1000000 times better. but yeah there we go.


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