and for dessert we popped over to co-op to get an ice cream and i found a fucking Oreo ice cream sandwich!!!!!!

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my life has been changed forever

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date night with @piercingbyciaron


Miserable Rock Star of the day: Millions of dollars, critical and commerical success, and legions of adoring fans can’t stop sports from getting you down, as the world is finding out from these shots of Jack White in the stands of a recent Chicago Cubs game. Although, he should really know what he’s in for if he’s watching the Cubs, am I right folks? (disclaimer: I know zilch about baseball). Perhaps the people sitting next to him were talking about White’s longtime nemeses The Black Keys? Or maybe he’s just hoping they don’t mistake him for Johnny Depp.


"You’re taking my picture!"

i go to the cinema a lot

i am going on holiday like a week today and i am super stoked to run away from this place and have a break from work and try and work some life things out but i am super terrified of two things. one of them is a reasonable fear which is i’ve never been away from ciaron this long before and it’s really really breaking my heart thinking about how im gonna cope but i think i’ll be okay because it wont be like our first holiday together where he left me there, instead he’ll be joining me, so i wont be dreading him going the whole time, ill be looking forward to him coming. my second fear is the one that’s really messing with me. and i hate myself for being someone who’s been forcefed this bullshit that all women are competition and that its actually stuck with me. but i am. and so the fact that my little brothers girlfriend is coming with us, who has similar qualities to me (in that we look quite similar and people have mistaken us for each other/for being sisters which was awkward)  but is about a zillion times more attractive than me and much skinnier too is literally making me want to cry because i cannot stand the idea of walking around with her for 10 days and being on the beach next to her etc when shes like the smaller more attractive version of me and i know that every where we go people will draw comparisons between us (since they already do) and fucking hell even the fact she’s younger than me makes me jealous and i’m not even fucking old!!?!?!?!!!?!?! i am just a psycho

if you are looking for evidence of the effect that the patriarchy/media has on the female mind please just take a look at me i am a prime example

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: please marathon the lord of the rings trilogy with me