i bought dizzy a toy burger and so of course she’s trying to eat it like a real burger



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Song of the Day

Manchester Orchestra are simply one of the best rock bands on the planet right now and with the launch of their fourth studio record COPE at the beginning of this year they very much cemented that position.
HOPE then is the complete reworking of what is at heart, a high octane record. HOPE is the mostly acoustic workings of lyricist and vocalist Andy Hull and his comrades in MO.
Girl Harbor is the first release from it, coinciding with the release of it’s rock version as a single here.

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Elephants walking through a rain forest.

ahh they look like bunnies in grass!!

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Coyamito Agate Pseudomorph©Uwe Reier

Rancho Coyamito Norte, Mexico (2013).

Pseudomorphs in agate are quite rare but do occur in nodular agates from various locations, usually as a calcite or aragonite replacement. 

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had the best evening ever meeting my cousins brand new (not even 24 hours old) baby, i am the broodiest

Title: West Coast (Cover) Artist: James Vincent McMorrow 58,067 plays


James Vincent McMorrow - West Coast (Cover)

The best thing you’ll hear all day.

holy shit

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